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  Chef Recommends   [V] Vegan Option Available  [GF] Gluten Free Dish   [GFo] Gluten Free Option Available
Sauces: 1.75   |   Desserts: 4.25
Chilli Beef Nachos
topped with melted cheese, salsa, jalapenos, served with soured cream
Wings [GFo]
4 wings cooked in bbq or franks hot sauce
Half Rack of Ribs ♥ [GFo]
slow cooked ribs marinated in our very own bbq sauce served with coleslaw, choice of dip
Southern Fried Chicken Tenders ♥ [GFo]
salad garnish, curry mayo
Pizza Naan
chicken, pepperoni, mozzarella, pizza sauce
Mini Fish Cakes ♥
salad garnish, sweet chilli mayo
Salt 'N' Pepper Calamari [GFo]
onions, peppers, curry mayo
Cheese Dippers
halloumi cheese dippers, salad garnish, salsa
Shipquay Stack ♥ [GFo]
two 6oz burgers stacked high, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion rings with bbq sauce
Wolfe Tone [GFo]
6oz burger topped with BBQ pulled pork, onion rings
Plain Jane [GFo]
6oz burger, as it comes, add cheese or bacon, 50p each
50 50 ♥ [GFo]
6oz burger, southern fried chicken, bacon, smoked cheese, onion rings, chipotle mayo
Salt 'N' Chilli Chicken Burger ♥
coated in salt ’n’ chilli seasoning, curry mayo, tobacco onions
Dirty Burger [GFo]
6oz burger, chilli beef, onion rings, taco sauce
Jerk Chicken Ciabatta
roasted peppers, buffalo mozzarella, crispy onions, bacon mayo
Breaded Halloumi Burger
roasted courgette, aubergine, peppers, salsa, guacamole
All Burgers Served in a Brioche Bap - GF Bun Available
Classic Margarita [9" - 9 / 12" - 14]
add two toppings for £1
Pepperoni [9" - 10 / 12" - 15]
pepperoni, mozzarella
BBQ Chicken + Bacon 🔥 [9" - 11 / 12" - 16]
bbq chicken, bacon, mozzarella, crispy onions
Hawaiian [9" - 10 / 12" - 15]
ham, pineapple, mozzarella
Vegetarian [9" - 9.00 / 12" - 14]
roasted mediterranean vegetables, sun-dried tomato puree, mozzarella
Fully Loaded [9" - 11 / 12" - 16]
chilli beef, pepperoni, jalapeños, purple onions, mozzarella
9" With Coleslaw and a Side
12" with Coleslaw and 2 Sides
All Pizza bases are Vegan
Fred Flintstone [GFo]
8oz rump, half rack of ribs smothered in our own bbq sauce, onion rings, roasted tomato, choice of sauce
Grilled Chicken Escalope [GFo]
plain or cajun with tobacco onions, choice of sauce
8oz Sirloin / 8oz Rump [GFo]
16.5 / 14
with roasted tomato, onion rings, choice of sauce
Cajun Chicker Melter
cajun melted dusted, bacon and cheese, chilli champ, tobacco onions, choice of sauce
Grilled Gammon + Pineapple [GFo]
fried egg, onion rings, mushy peas
Open Steak Sandwich
toasted sourdough, lettuce, tomato, sliced rump steak, wholegrain mustard mayo topped with tobacco onions, peppered sauce dip
Duck Breast ♥ [GFo]
pan fried duck breast served pink, sweet potato mash, braised red cabbage, celeriac puree, red wine jus
All burgers, grills, mains and veggie dishes served with a side except for **
mixed bean and vegetable tomato stew mixed with rice
Stir Fry [GFo]
mixed vegetables, lemon grass, chilli, ginger, soy sauce, noodles
Pitta Pocket
stir-fry vegetables, chilli sauce, soured cream
layers of roasted vegetables, layers of pasta in a rich tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella
Choose our vegan-friendly bacon fries as your side - See wine list for vegan-friendly wines.
Steak + Guinness Pie* [GFo]
served in a big yorkshire pudding, with honey roasted vegetables, champ, puff pasty lid
Bangers 'N' Mash [GFo]
cumberland sausage on a bed of champ with red onion gravy
Beer Battered Cod
with mushy peas, tartar sauce
Chicken Curry
succulent chicken in chef’s secret recipe with fluffy white rice, prawn crackers
Chicken Goujons
breaded chicken goujons served with a dip
Chicken Caesar Salad [GFo]
escalope of chicken: plain or cajun
Chicken + Ham Pie [GFo] *
escalope of chicken: plain or cajun
Hot 'N' Spicy Chicken Pasta
10 / 11 / 12
chicken, beef or combo strips, onions, peppers, penne pasta in a creamy spice sauce
chef's own lasagne recipe served with a salad garnish and coleslaw
Pitta Pocket
10 / 11 / 12
chicken, beef or combo, onions, peppers, chilli sauce, soured cream
Pan Fried Salmon [GFo]
plain or cajun, stir fry vegetables and noodles
Trio of Tacos ♥
calamari with coleslaw and sweet chilli mayo, pulled pork with crispy onions, chicken tender with coleslaw bacon mayo
Lamb Shank [GFo]
slow braised lamb shank, roasted vegetables, champ, red wine jus
All dishes served with a side [except *]
Stealth Fries
Sweet Potato Fries
Paprika Fries
Garlic Potatoes
Soured Cream & Chilli Wedges
Spiral Fries
Onion Rings
Tobacco Onions
Saute Mushrooms
Baby Caesar
Side Salad
Baby Boils
All Sides
STEP 1: Choose Your Potato
STEP 2: Choose Your Meat or Stir-fry Veg
STEP 3: Choose Your Sauce. Cheese - Yes Or No?
STEP 4: Choose Your Topping; Tobaccos, Onion Rings or Salad Garnish
MEATS; Pulled Pork, Chilli Beef, Bacon, Chilli Chicken, Calamari, Stir Fry Veg
Add Rice for £1

ask your server about the ingredients in your meal & sides.

GF dish is gluten free
GFo gluten free option available
V vegan option available

Light Bites Menu

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Baked Potatoes
bacon ‘n’ cheese, pulled pork, chilli chicken or beef, tuna’n’onion, veggie option - served with a side salad
Caesar Salad
baby gem lettuce, parmesan, red onion, croutons, bacon and caesar dressing
Buffalo Mozzarella Salad
diced buffalo mozzarella, mixed lettuce leaves, diced herb potato, cucumber, tomatoes, roasted peppers, vinaigrette and balsamic drizzle - add either chicken, ham, tuna or prawns for £1 each
Triple Club Sandwich
triple decker sandwich [toasted or not] with a side
Sandwich / Toasted Sandwich
three fillings on brown or white bread with salad and coleslaw garnish
Toasted Ciabatta
three fillings, served with coleslaw and salad garnish
Open Prawn Sandwich
wheaten bread, prawns, marie rose sauce, mini salad
House Salad
mixed lettuce leaves, tomatoes, pineapple, sweetcorn, coleslaw, egg, red onion, cheese, mustard vinaigrette - add either chicken / ham / tuna or prawns / ham for £1.

Sunday Lunch

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3 Courses: 15.5   |   Main Course: 10

Homemade Soup of the Day
Prawn Cocktail
Bacon Caesar Salad
Garlic Bread
Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding
Roast Stuffed Turkey and Ham
Baked Irish Gammon
Baked Salmon with White Wine Sauce
Escalope of Chicken with Choice of Sauce
Cheesecake of the Day
Trio of Ice-Cream
Malteaser Meringue
Chocolate Brownie
Belgian Waffles with Ice Cream + Butterscotch Sauce

Set Menu

2 Courses for 13.50 / Add a 3rd for 2.50

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Soup of the Day
Garlic Bread
garlic ciabatta bread served with salad garnish - add cheese for 50p
Caesar Salad
baby gem lettuce, bacon, red onion, parmesan, croutons, caesar dressing
Pulled Pork Nachos
topped with melted cheese, salsa, jalapenos, served with soured cream (£1.50 supplement)
Chilli Beef Nachos
topped with melted cheese, salsa, jalapenos, served with soured cream
4 wings cooked in bbq or franks hot sauce
Mini Fish Cakes
salad garnish, sweet chilli mayo
Chicken Caesar Salad [GFo}
escalope of chicken ; plain or cajun
Chicken Curry
succulent chicken in chef’s secret recipe with fluffy white rice, prawn crackers
8oz Rump [GFo] [add £4]
with roasted tomato, onion rings, choice of sauce
Chicken Goujons
breaded chicken goujons served with a dip
chef's own lasagne recipe served with a salad garnish and coleslaw
Hot 'N' Spicy Chicken Pasta
chicken, beef or combo strips, onions, peppers, penne pasta in a creamy spice sauce
Open Steak Sandwich [Add £2]
toasted sourdough, lettuce, tomato, sliced rump steak, wholegrain mustard mayo topped with tobacco onions, peppered sauce dip
Plain Jane [GFo}
6oz burger, as it comes, add cheese or bacon, 50p each
Any 9" Pizza from Main Menu
Classic Margarita / Pepperoni / BBQ Chicken + Bacon / Hawaiian / Vegetarian / Fully Loaded
Grilled Gammon + Pineapple [GFo]
onion rings, mushy peas
Veggie Option of the Day
Beer Battered Cod
with mushy peas, tartar sauce
Grilled Escalope of Chicken [GFo}
plain or cajun with tobacco onions, choice of sauce
Salt 'N' Chilli Chicken Burger
coated in salt ’n’ chilli seasoning, curry mayo, tobacco onions
Homemade Cheesecake of the Day
biscuit base with flavoured cream cheese topping served with ice cream and fruit coulis
Warm Chocolate Brownie
served with chocolate sauce, raspberry coulis & vanilla cream
Trio of Ice Cream
Malteaser Meringue
sweet meringue nest, toffee sauce, vanilla ice-cream, sprinkled with malteasers - a derry favourite.
Belgian Waffles, Ice-cream and Butterscotch Sauce
thick sweet waffle, served hot with vanilla ice-cream & butterscotch sauce
Jam Sponge
served warm with custard or vanilla ice-cream

Kids Menu

4.95   |   Includes Drink or Ice Cream
Mini Fish
Mini Burger
Spicy Chicken Pasta
All served with Skinny Chips, Garlics or Mashed Potatoes
Chicken Goujons
Escalope of Chicken
Fish Goujons

Cocktail Menu

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All Cocktails 6.50   |   Long Prosecco Cocktails 7.20
Strawberry Daiquiri
rum, strawberry puree, sweet + sour
Mango Daiquiri
rum, mango puree, sweet + sour
Pear Daiquiri
rum, pear puree, sweet + sour
Raspberry Daiquiri
rum, raspberry puree, sweet + sour
Pineapple Daiquiri
rum, pineapple puree, sweet + sour
Passion Fruit Daiquiri
rum, passion fruit daiquiri, sweet + sour
All made with rum, sweet & sour and flavoured puree of choice …
Long Island Iced Tea
vodka, rum, gin, triple sec, sweet & sour, coke
rum, mojito mint syrup, sweet & sour
Raspberry Gin Fizz
gin, lemon juice, raspberry puree topped with lemonade or prosecco
Beach Ball
peach schnapps, malibu, strawberry liquer, orange juice
Raspberry Fields
vodka, raspberry liquer, sweet+sour, raspberry pure
Rhubarb Ginger Bramble
rhubarb gin, crème de mure, sweet+sour
Disaronno Sours
disaronno sours, sweet+sour
Dark ‘n’ Stormy
kraken rum, sweet+sour, ginger beer
Aperol Paradise
aperol, rum, sweet+sour, pineapple juice, pineapple puree
Pornstar Martini
vodka, passion fruit puree, orange juice, prosecco
Pear Drop
gin, sweet+sour, passion fruit puree, pear puree
Aperol Spritz
aperol, prosecco, soda water
Blueberry Fizz
gin, blueberry puree, sugar syrup, prosecco
Rasberry Gin Fizz
gin, lemon juice, raspberry puree topped with prosecco
Cranberry Sparkle
gin, cranberry syrup, sugar syrup, prosecco
choice of flavours
Strawberry Bellini
Mango Bellini
Peach Bellini
Blueberry Bellini
Raspberry Bellini
Kiwi Bellini
Passion Fruit Bellini
All made with flavoured puree of choice …

Whiskey, Gin and Vodka Menus

Bulleit Bourbon
bold and spicy in character with a distinctively clean finish
Bush 10YR Old
aromas of honey, vanilla and milk chocolate
Johnie Walker Black Label
The iconic blend is the world's number one deluxe blended scotch whiskey
Jameson Caskmates
A new whiskey from jameson finished in craft-stout seasonal barrels with a subtle suggestion of hops, cocoa and coffee
Green Spot
full spicy body, a hint of cloves along with fruity sweetness of green apples rounded off with toasted oak
Redbreast 12
a single pot still irish whiskey with warm, rich, sweet flavours and a long-lasting spicy finish
Teeling Small Batch
consists of hand selected casks which are given further maturation in ex-rum barrels imparting extra character and smooth flavour
Teeling Single Grain
Matured in california red wine barrels resulting in an intensely fruity and beautiful amber liquid, with lush berry notes
a bold gin distilled four times using four distinct botanicals - juniper, coriander, liquorice and angelica
Tanqueray 10
handcrafted in small batches using fresh citrus fruits, camomile flowers and other hand-selected botanicals which give it a uniquely smooth, clean refreshing taste
a complex aromatic gin that delivers a broad balanced flavour
hendricks wonderous botanical signature consists of flowers, roots, fruits and seeds from the world over
'the finest copper pot single-batch distilled gin'. eight carefully chosen botanicals balanced with lebanese mint to create an exceptionally fresh smooth and truly original gin
Monkey 47
unusual gin from the black forest in germany, containing cranberries. 47 refers to the number of botanicals used and the fact it is bottled at 47%
Grey Goose
each batch of grey goose begins with soft winter wheat grown on farms in and around the fertile picardy region of northern france
42 Below
distilled in new zealand near a world benchmark for air purity, 42 degrees below the equator from gm

Wines, Champagnes & Sparkling Menus

Kolinas Estate Sauvignon Blanc - Chile
Fresh and crisp with citrus fruit. Lemon zest, lemon and kiwi flavours
Talinga Park Chardonnay - Australia
Ripe orange and pineapple fruits on the palate with a fresh, soft finish
La Deliziosa Pinot Grigio - Italy
Fresh apple and melon notes on the palate with a dry minerally finish
Horologist Sauvignon Blanc - New Zealand
Aromas of lemons and lime give way to rich gooseberry flavours
Da Vero Biologico Catarratto - Italy
Appealing aromas of citrus and melon with crisp acidity long finish (VEGAN)
Kolinas Estate Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile
Cherry red colour, full bodied with spicy ripe plum and berry flavours
Talinga Park Shiraz - Australia
Black fruit, rich blackcurrant and chocolate aromas with a long dry finish
Butchers Block Malbec - Argentina
Packed with bramble fruit flavours, refreshing with sweet notes of vanilla, chocolate and liquorice
La Belle Jardin Merlot - France
Cassis and cedarwood, effortlessly drinkable, excellent quality claret style with rich plum fruit and soft tannins
Da Vero Biologico Nero D’avola - Italy
Full bodied with cherry and violet aromas, soft fruit finish (VEGAN)
Frocks & Thrills White Zinfandel - USA
Packed with summer fruits, slightly sweet velvet taste, crisp finish
Mionetto Prosecco - Italy
Fresh summer aromas of honeydew and golden pear, clean and refreshing
Mionetto Prosecco Rose - Italy
Long lingering bead of fresh bubbles compliments a palate of raspberry pomegranate and blackcurrant fruit
Georges Cartier Champagne - France
Peach and pear aromas, perfectly balanced full of fruit with long soft finish
Le Contesse Prosecco Extra Dry - Italy (200ML)
Fruity aroma with a touch of apple and white blossoms